February Fifteen

| 15 February 2013
I really like listening to the radio whenever I drive. My radio station of choice depends on the time of the day. So that, when it is early morning, I listen to radio 1, anytime between 9am and 12 noon, I am on BBC London, and whenever I am driving back home, around 4pm or 5pm, I am on BBC London too. Any later than that, then it is Classic FM or my ipod.

That is it. Fixed like clockwork. I enjoy listening to random conversations ranging from the best car boot sale market stalls in London, to how to maintain your voice, to the new changes to the Life in the UK test and like today, noise from neighbours flushing the loo, and how to cope with your partner during retirement.

Again, random topics, but made interesting by amazing and talented presenters. So much so, that I find myself forgetting about the traffic, the length of the journey, the stop-start-go-stop of rapidly changing traffic lights, and speed cameras.

Until it is time for the news update. And for some reason, it is as though someone has decided to interrupt a beautiful day and fill the entire vehicle with the dismal stench of death, gloom, murder, child molesters, rape charges, accidents, political scandals, phone hackings, missing people.

I know the news updates are necessary, but it would not be too much to ask for some good news thrown in, to sort of like diffuse the air, just a little bit - a sort of perfume  (Iris Poudre, my favourite - now you know) sprayed into the car.

Or another suggestion is to have all the dreary news given at certain hours of the day, e.g. 7am, and 5pm and the rest of the day filled with positive news to cheer the day. I guess I absorb a lot of emotional energy...

Or what do we think? Do you prefer to listen to all the news as it makes you put things in perspective and feel like life isn't too bad?


{ Funke } at: 15 February 2013 at 15:39 said...

I feel exactly the same way. When the recession hit, I stopped watching CNN because I couldn't bear to hear how tons of people were being laid off, how job prospects were so dim, how everything was all doomed and gloomy. See, I knew it was bad - my friends were getting laid off left, right and center. I didn't need to hear it on TV too. I needed a message of hope. The recession is over now, but I still don't watch CNN. I know bad things happen everyday, but I still like to hold on to that tiny sliver of hope that there is good in this world. Maybe I'm just in deep-seated denial!

{ Adun } at: 15 February 2013 at 15:43 said...

thank you Funks - no, you are not in denial...we want good news! I have given up watching the news on television. Actually, I have almost given up on the television totally, but that is another story/blog!

{ Patch } at: 15 February 2013 at 16:04 said...

I also enjoy the 'art' of intelligent conversations and listen to BBC Radio 4 en-route to work in the morning...and although the conversations may be candid and smart, it seldom lifts my mood/spirits. Recently, i have been listening to the the BBC 2 Breakfast team, and they do actually bring a bit of humor to the morning...

My strategy these days has been to tune in and out of live radio/ipod connections/podcasts...you know, guard my 'heart' with all diligence (at best)...or my attempt to scent the car with a lil Iris Poudre...lol!

Love the idea of the broadcasting the dreary news at certain hours of the day...


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