Bored by Lola-Flo Adefope

| 2 November 2012
This poem was written by my friend Funlola. I like how it typifies how I feel. Sometimes one tries to adapt to their audience and be "who" the audience wants you to be. Yet, it leaves you feeling empty as the interactions are so vacuous and leave no imprint of moral, spiritual, philosophical, psychological or even comical enlightenment. Rather, interactions are yawn-inspiring boring.

This poem is about wanting to truly be, to be true to oneself in every way yet realising that this is not possible. If I could rename it, I would call it - the battle of the minds....sadly, the best mind does not always win.


Speaking to you
Is like running
Running dental floss through my toes
But ultimately

You see- I'm bored.
And already
I know what you want.

If in the mood
I'll give it to you
If not
I'll be the catnip
At the end of a string
Dangle, dangle
Yank it away
What a game.

I'm still bored
Listening to you harp on
Amusement feigned
If I can be bothered
I'll listen
To murmur an acquiescence

You make it so

I wanna scream
"Challenge me"
Say something to wake me!

I sometimes play
The silly girl game
And will let myself forget
And actually become her
It becomes me

These tight little dresses
And skyscraping heels

Ooh look,
Boobs! Ass! Stomach
Legs long
Hair did, nails-done!

What you see
Come get!
Good boy- now heel.
Sit, pour, drink... Abeg?

I'm still bored
You're not bored of me
I just stopped putting
The effort in
To engaging
All your silly views
If I choose
I'll swing my pendulum
Back into your periphery

Your theme tune
Is monotonous
Your play (to win)
I could guess in my sleep
Your circle
Whilst social is just a closed loop
And there's nothing here
I'd find
To entertain
My mind.

We are minute
You and I
But the difference is
I know it.
You still try
your delusions of grandeur
A naked emperor
Not quite astute.

"I've heard it all before"
Someone sang
But you didn't listen
Too deafened by
Thoughts of
Long legs, and
"Dude did you see the wiggle?
Duuuuude which one of us can-
Make it jiggle"

Hit it! Missed it?
Get it! Done!
Next one!

I'm bored of you
You think 'better'
Is anything new

Your banter's weak
But it works
on their synapses
-more lethargic
than the punchline to last week's joke.
Crack another- wait for the laughter
Feel better?

I'm tired
Of pretending
To be as transparent
As you all.
I'm done
Mollycoddling ego's.
I'm sick
Of letting you win
When I know I won
Thrice over
I think...
I'm done...

So I'm gonna try
The other me
Being the version
That you've never seen
Not being
The 'She'
That you think you need
Or know

Open the cookie jar
And freak out
That the cute little firefly
Blew out your light
That the flames rose
But didn't burn
She just consumed
Pointed out all she's learned

You will never be
To hold me
Amuse me
Thrill me
Entice me
Feed me
Coerce me

But for now
This is all I've got
To tickle that spot
Despite how clumsy
Your fumbling may be
Despite how slow
The rivers of thought
Run through your grey fissures
You'll do for now...

So wait for it...
Wait for it...

I'll throw my head back
Flash the smile
Touch my throat
My neck, your skin
But all the while...
I'm bored.

I'm still bored...
- "Let's get outta here?"


Anonymous at: 3 November 2012 at 12:56 said...

I am bored too....and that's why I read this long piece. I wagered it'd be more interesting at the end and guess what? It was.

Anonymous at: 4 November 2012 at 22:11 said...

Very clever beautifully written piece. Does this poet write more?

{ Dante } at: 8 November 2012 at 19:06 said...

lol.. Such an interesting piece.
This has been my dilemma for a while now..meeting people of both sexes that are unable to hold at least, 5 minutes of stimulating and intellectually challenging conversation.
I have decided that I will not pretend to be what I am not, in order to foster any "empty" relationship.
lol No more grinning and "shining my teeth" at dry jokes.. and if all you talk about is how you popped 10 bottles of champagne in the club, women and sex, or nollywood and bollywood movies, your bb status and your Peruvian/Indian hair? You are so on your own!

{ kola } at: 30 November 2012 at 01:28 said...

lol @ yawn inspiring. i'm usually not into poetry, but this was really good

{ Christ Couture Girl } at: 30 November 2012 at 16:42 said...

Just. brilliant!

Anonymous at: 10 April 2013 at 15:10 said...

Word! Unlike the poet who succeeds in pretending,my boredom boils over and I spit it out. I wish I could endure the annoyance.

Well written.
Esther Akpan

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